Our four-day workshop was a huge success and we had twenty four beautiful trays all painted. Thank you to our GRANT Benefactor - Christine Boesch for the donation to honor her mother.Take an extra close look at the picture - the tall lady in the middle of the picture is Christine.  She came down from Santa Barbara .





Rose sketch



California China Painters Art Association

Welcome to our website where the imagination of our artists become a reality through the wonderful world of China Painting

Over 49 years sharing with each other our talents, cultivating friendships and using resources to promote this beautiful art.

CCPAA was incorporated in 1967 as a non- profit organization under the Laws of the State of California, the association flower is the Rose, the purpose of the organization is to promote enlightenment of the public in regard to the application and skill in the decoration of china. Seek ways to interest the public in the art of china painting by displaying the art in public places, making available classes, seminars and workshops for the express purpose of education.

Our annual show and exhibit is open to the members and the public and brings some of the most talented artists, teachers and suppliers around. We publish a monthly newsletter for our members.

Our goal is to be an instrument in our community to enhance art through public exhibits, seminars, workshops and bimonthly meetings.

President Message


Gwen Streit


Welcome to Our China Painting Website - 

    Our members are busy preparing for the exciting coming year. Our  Show in October - with Beautiful Exhibits by our members, Vendors with all of their wonderful things to sell to you and our many members and the public congregating at the show exchanging their talents with Demonstrations  showing perspective NEW members how wonderful China Painting is.

WE also are busy setting up Workshops with famous teachers from all over the world who come and spend many days teaching us their various techniques they themselves learned over the years.

Do you want to join in and not only learn the technique of china painting but also enjoy the company of many many fellow artists?? Then join our club - you are most welcome and you will find a lot of members - both men and women who are more than willing to share their talents with you.

Just scroll through our various topics and see what is in store for our coming busy year.
Hope to see you at our October 2016 show - come see me - I'll be back at the Exhibit’s tables  sharing with you the beautiful work of our talented ladies/gents.

Gwen Streit
California China Painters Art Association